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There were so many things I wanted to do in my life but my busy schedule seemed to always stand in the way. Not anymore!! With the Elevated Life program, I’ve been able to identify my goals, determine the things that were in my way, & create a pathway to achieve them. What’s best of all? I’m enjoying my journey through all of it! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

Bailey S

Through my grief journey, I have done counseling which has helped me so much. Then I happened
upon this Life Coach, Audra Zimpel.
She is a Godsend. Her heart and compassion shine so brightly. She’s intuitive and brings a peace to your
presence. She also has been through dark times and therefore has a compassion for others. The tools she offers will definitely help bring healing and direction through your journey.
I'm so thankful for this life coach.

Dana A

Working with Audra and her Elevated Life program will do just that, elevate your life! It's the perfect description of what you can expect over the course of several weeks and what you will learn about yourself will be with you for the rest of your life. Audra helped me get unstuck in my career and equipped me with emotional tools to help me be able to be my best self both personally and professionally. As Audra says, thinking is always our first action. So if you are thinking about her Elevated Life program, then please take action and work with Audra. It will change your life! Thank you Audra!

Jen C

Audra has been a tremendous help to me! She has helped me still the part of the brain that essentially holds us back from fully enjoying and accepting all that life has to offer.  She knows exactly when to nudge me, gently, to keep me moving forward. She knows exactly the right things to say when I have felt stuck. She is a Blessing. She has a gift. Sign up for sessions with Audra, and your life will change before your eyes! I feel so much better – happier, calmer, and more confident, to name a few – going into the new year after spending a few months working with Audra. I am open to the joy and abundance that the world has to offer. I know that I can attain the things I want. Thank you, Audra.

Mary P

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