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NEW! Elevated Life

Women's Group

A twelve week hybrid program combining one on one coaching with a community experience to take your empowerment to an entirely new level!! 

Is there a place in your life you've struggled in for years? What if you began to remember who you really are and were finally able to take your power back in this area? What if this shift caused an UPLEVEL in every area of your life in the process? 

It's completely possible in this in this powerful, supportive program! 


One on one mindset coaching to uncover blind spots and reclaim your authentic power. 

Deep dives into values, hidden limiting beliefs, blocks to love, authenticity and divine right paths. 

Group support, encouragement, accountability, sisterhood and fun! 

Plus Guided Meditations,  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Intuitive Guidance and More! 



One on one coaching with Audra to uncover your blind spots and build a path to your next level of joy, success, healing and freedom! Through this  program, you'll grow the depth of who you authentically are while using new tools to show up to life in a new, more powerful way! Reach out to book your complimentary consultation.

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